What are the Things to Look Forward to When Moving in with Your Partner?


Moving in can be a very exciting phase of life for any individual. Whether it is moving with your special one or sharing an apartment with a friend, this can turn out to be a very exciting chapter in the lives of everyone involved. As much as it involves fun and excitement, there are some equally important things to be considered before you embark on this new journey. It is important to go through the home and contents insurance when a partner moves in Make sure that you have gone through it all before making the full and final call.

Homeowner’s insurance

Let’s start off with one of most basic kinds of insurance, which is the homeowner’s insurance. Whether it is you or your partner who is moving in, it is highly likely that the other person has a homeowner’s insurance under their belt. This kind of insurance makes sure that there is enough insurance coverage to support you in case of any real disaster to your place, be it theft, fire, etc. Similarly, the insurance also protects you from any kind of mishaps, in case someone tends to annoy or threaten you.

Since the insurance is under the name of the homeowner, it is highly unlikely that any other person who is residing in the place can be insured under it. However, there are several possibilities to make sure that both of the people living can be insured. The other person living can get an individual renter’s insurance policy that covers their insurance coverage. Or they can get together and revise the original policy to make sure that both of them are insured under this.

Renter’s insurance

This kind of insurance policy is highly common amongst students. Since they plan on studying abroad, they look forward to renting out the apartment along with their friends to minimize the cost. In such a case, it is important that they have the renter’s insurance with them. The only difference between a renter’s and homeowner’s insurance is that renter’s insurance is for the protection of the property, not the owners themselves.

There are multiple possibilities when it comes down to having a renter’s insurance. Since the insurance policy is only for the coverage of the property, it is not important that both the people need to buy the insurance under their name. It is also possible that either one of the individuals gets the insurance policy that protects them both. This is also feasible since there are no paperwork to be done if either of the partner wants to move out, for whatever reason.

Auto insurance

Auto insurance policy is another important thing to consider when a partner plans to move in. Things are fairly simple if each individual owns a separate car as it, they can each have their separate insurance and live peacefully. But the problem arises when they jointly own a car.

If both the partners have jointly owned a car, then it is feasible to get a single insurance and have both the parties included in it. In case there are more than one driver, then the person having the insurance can name the other person as the additional driver to make life easy for both of them.

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